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Well leaving Ushuaia tomorrow – 12 hours of bus to go to Punta Arenas – Chile

today the wind was amazing – more than 120km – blue sky but not able to fly !!! – A quick tour in the morning to sea again wildlife – the canal of Beagle was already dancing !!! I am having an idea of what I will face in a couple of days on mt way by Ferry From Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt. Otherwise, foods are good, especially KING CRAB !!!


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USHUAIA – Fin Del Mundo….

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To see more clic here

Perfect place for the ambiance and not touristic at all !!!


Thanks to Puyehue volcano

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Well, no whales – I have to cancel my stop in Puerto Piramides due to the closing of the Airport – Directly in the cold and windy weather of Ushuaia – Quite a change with ethe hot weather of Buenos Aires.
The massive volcanic ash cloud which is grounding flights from Argentina to Australia is proving a nuisance to locals in Chile.

Those living near the Puyehue volcano are having to live with an ash covered landscape and air borne dust particles making it difficult to breath.

However experts say there is no serious risk to health


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Hotel Room!

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A view of my room, no no I was not sick last night

So far so good – The weather is hot hot !!! put me on diet

Gauchito Gil

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It´s local legend – for more details just read – the french version has more information.

I just found it walking on the street.


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Well, I am in Buenos AiresI am fine the weather is hot – will be here until Monday morning and will be moving South to Puerto Piramides


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